Meet the island of Pag
The island of Pag is one of the largest Adriatic islands: with a surface of 285 km2, it is the fifth largest island, and with 270 km of coastline, it is the island with the longest coastline in the Adriatic. Pag is full of bays, coastal inlets, capes and beaches.
The island is unique in its vegetation habitat, with one part of it with almost no trees. Pag is the largest kingdom of rocks on the Adriatic, intersected by long dry walls, where thin grass, low aromatic herbs, sage and immortelle grow. It is precisely this aromatic herb that is the basis of the diet of the Pag sheep on the rock farm, and it gives a special taste to the famous Pag cheese you will not want to miss.
The hidden touristic gem of Croatia, Mandre, island of Pag
Mandre - A tourism-oriented village located on the southern side of the island of Pag with a beautiful view of Silba and Olib and the islets of Maun and Škrda, which are full of coves and beautiful beaches. A beach with clear turquoise sea stretches along the village of Mandre. The place is perfect for those who want a peaceful vacation in a beautiful natural environment of holm oaks, dry stone walls and crystal-clear sea. Mandre exudes the hospitality of local inhabitants, who are always ready to share the feel of life of this beautiful region. So here, during the summer days, you can also go fishing with local fishermen boats and enjoy the benefits of the sea, the sun and the fruits caught with your help. Gastronomic specialties can be enjoyed in nearby restaurants offering local specialties. You can "cool off" from the summer heat in numerous coffee bars located by the beach and offering a stunning view of the sea. Playground, bocce court, children's playground are part of the offer of the always friendly locals of Mandri.
The century-old city of Pag
The town of Pag, situated on the island of the same name is a touristic, cultural and administrative center of the island of Pag. Dating back to the 15th century with its core coming from the work of the Renaissance builder Juraj Dalmatinac, it is one of the few well-preserved medieval towns in Croatia.
Notable cultural monuments are parish church of St. Mary on the main square, the Skrivant Tower, the city walls and the Prince's Palace.
It is particularly worthwhile notcing a century-old tradition and the unique value of Pag lace , which is also the distinguishing mark of the island of Pag. Don’t miss a walk through the narrow streets of Pag, where you can meet local ladies and their impressive art of weaving the Pag’s lace!
The town of Novalja, a tourist center in the north of the island
Novalja - the tourist center of the island of Pag, a famous summer resort and destination for many tourists, offers the possibility of an active and meaningful vacation.
The natural beauty of Novalja is most evident in its beautiful beaches - Zrće, Caska, Straško, Babe, Trinćel, Braničevica and Vrtić. Among them, Zrće beach stands out as one of the largest and most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic.
Zrće beach as well as Planjka beach (Trinćel - Stara Novalja) and Straško beach (Straško camp) are Blue Flag beaches.
Fine dining, evening outings and entertainment until the wee hours can be found in one of the nearby discos and nightclubs, especially on Zrće beach.